• Tranfer Tutorals from Eng Gota Wiki (Wiki Coding 101, Hints and Tips for New Players)
    • Translate Tutorials into Italian
  • Create a new Tutorial about how to link pages to the Eng Gota Wiki pages
  • Modify Theme to match/reflect Eng GoTA Wiki
    • Create Favicon (done)
    • Create WordImage
    • Upload Background 
    • Modify link colours (done)
  • Find a new background image that isn't as dull
  • Modify CSS so that the Banner TOC Template will work
  • Transfer Eng Menu (done)
    • Translate into Italian
  • Transfer Images and Names of Badges
    • Translate names of Badges into Italian
  • Get a few key pages translated of various categories
  • Create Category pages (per menu links)
  • Buildings
    • Economy Buildings
    • Religious Buildings
    • Trade Buildings
    • Battle Buildings
    • Intrigue Buildings
  • Characters
    • Advisors
    • Family
    • Agents
    • Highborn
    • Smallfolk
    • Merchants
    • Prostitutes
    • City Watch
    • Sell Swords
  • Fealty
    • House Baratheon
    • House Greyjoy
    • House Lannister
    • House Martell
    • House Stark
    • House Targaryen
  • Items
  • Companions
    • Units
  • Weapons
    • Battle Weapons
    • Trade Weapons
    • Intrigue Weapons
  • Armour
    • Battle Armour
    • Trade Armour
    • Intrigue Armour

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